Inbox book

It is used to record all physical postal items that have been received by the office.

It contains the following essentials:

  1. Date of receipt
  2. Who retrieved the mail and stored it in the system
  3. Name
  4. Description
  5. Attached files
Inbox book

E-mails sent to the application

Here you will find all e-mails that have been sent to RA LAW from all users of the application.

Of course, they can be sorted by individual columns: Lawyer case, Subject of the e-mail, Sender (user who forwarded the e-mail to the application), Date when it occurred. The last question is whether the e-mail had any attachments and how many.

After pressing the blue information button, you can view the content of the e-mail and also what attachments it contained.

E-mails sent to the application