How to use timesheets?

RA LAW is here to manage your time efficiently. The elite tool of our application is the function of time measurement and reporting.

You will ALWAYS find it in the upper right corner clock icon After clicking on it, you will find 3 functional tabs:

A. New timesheet

Here you enter either recurring activities or those that took place in the past. For example, an unexpected business meeting initiated by a client outside the office that you record retrospectively.

You can assign such a timesheet to the lawyer case and thus to the client. It could also be an activity you want to monitor within your office and it doesn't affect any of your lawyer cases. Furthermore, it is possible to use the slider to switch the statement to the non-billable category (ie at your own expense or for internal records in the office).

B. Start measuring time

The most practical way is to measure time during a specific activity. Once you have mastered this approach, you will have no additional worries about properly invoicing your work.

C. Continue measuring time

This feature allows you to start timing the fastest, usually used for repetitive activities that you have interrupted in the past or to which you need to return. It's fast and clear. Just press the blue Run button run

The overview of the timesheets itself is very practical and clear.

Uninvoiced timesheets

It is an overview of all processed timesheets from the past that have not yet been invoiced.

The system allows the following simplifications of routine work:

  1. Grouping the same activities for the same lawyer case in one expandable line
  2. Switch items between Billable (based on the posting of the timesheet in the given lawyer case) or Non-Billable (internal activities that will not be billed to the client).
  3. Possibility to correct and change data in real time, so-called SPA (Single Page Application). There is no need to open, close windows and confirm changes. Everything happens on an ongoing basis, as is customary with the latest applications.
Timesheets of the NOT INVOICED work

Invoiced timesheets

Here in this tab you will get an overview of all already invoiced timesheets.

Timesheets can no longer be edited, deleted or edited here. They have already been invoiced and thus become part of the tax document.